Sloan Tomlinson


Sloan Tomlinson’s Lux Insum series is a rich exposition of color using organic forms as its subject matter and transforming them with breathtaking results. Seeing his work as an alternate method of viewing rather than photography, Tomlinson seeks to create a world beyond that we view in our everyday life, hoping to touch on the unusual and unique in what is normally recognizable. Using color as a tool of transformation, his work intends to pull the viewer into the image with a mixture of confusion and awe. Tomlinson’s technique is central to his presentation, as his photos are not altered digitally, but instead by damaging the film upon which they are captured through exposure to harsh extremes of temperature and chemicals.

Sloan Tomlinson has studied in the photography programs of both Michigan State University and UMass-Amherst. He has been featured in a number of group exhibitions both locally and in the Midwest.