Present Exhibition

Out of Sight

18 artists from near and far selected to participate by guest curator Sean Greene
June 27 - Augut 30, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 27, 2009, 6-9 pm

wünderarts OUT OF SIGHT exhibition offers cool respite from summer heat

wünderarts is pleased to announce the OUT OF SIGHT, an exhibition of abstract art without pretension, featuring eighteen artists from near and far brought
together by guest curator and wünderartist Sean Greene.

The term abstract art has developed a certain connotation over the
years of art that is inaccessible to anyone who is not educated on the
subject. OUT OF SIGHT puts an end to that idea with works of art
accessible to anyone with open eyes and an open mind. Greene says of
the show, "If you can admire a car or a purse or the design of a cell
phone, you can find an abstract painting that you admire equally and
perhaps more. When you admire those things, you are admiring abstract
forms, lines, colors, shapes and textures; you have an emotional
response to something that represents only itself."

Referring to the artists selected for the show Greene adds,
"Essentially, this is a dream show for me, these are all artists making
work that I want my work to be hung next to, these are artists I want
to talk about making art with." The artists featured are Chris Duncan,
Heather Kasunick, Kathranne Knight, Sean Greene, Jeanette Cole, EJ
Hauser, Joseph Hart, Jodi Buonanno, Young Min Moon, Clint Jukkala, Gary
Petersen, Jack Greene, John Ortiz, Matt Phillips, Jieun Shin, Mathias
Sias, Barbara Neulinger, and Ali Osborne.